Trendrating is a recognized leading provider of advanced analytics and technology for portfolio management. Trendrating solutions are used on a global scale by 200+ asset managers and asset owners. The company innovative methodology to rate global stocks and portfolios based on a sophisticated evaluation of price trends is also distributed by premier partners including Bloomberg and Euronext.

The asset management and wealth management  industry is experiencing a deep transformation that  is changing the way to manage and advise portfolios. They need to address mission critical goals: delivering better services to clients, improving the performance on managed funds on a consistent basis, enhancing risk control, developing a more transparent and efficient investment process, reducing costs.

Trendrating is at the forefront of the new technology platforms and sophisticated analytics that are changing the game of asset management. The company offers the last generation of data and systems to maximize investment returns and reduce risks, with a fully measurable impact.

The increasing performance dispersion provides a golden opportunity to active managers and the ability to capture trends, profiting from bull markets and avoiding bear phases is the key to superior performance on a consistent basis.

Trendrating data and technology are used to support several tasks: Validation and ranking of investment ideas, Identification of new investment opportunities, Portfolio rating, analysis and optimization, Risk management via timely alerts, Tactical allocation across markets and sectors, and the design, test and execution of personalized investment strategies, leveraging a rich set of fundamental and alternative data.

The benefits are mission critical and include: improved performance, better risk control, increased transparency and efficiency, enhanced compliance, time saving and cost reduction.